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New Yorkers’ ironic appreciation of PBR is still going strong, but a parallel surge of serious beer bars suggests that our gullets crave more than two-buck cans. Before mustachioed hipsters even knew what Chimay was, Vol de Nuit was pouring bold Belgian brews in the West Village.

The bar, which opened in 1995, is contemporary with d.b.a. and Blind Tiger Ale House, but unlike those early specialists, Vol de Nuit’s list has hardly expanded with the times. While other bars focus on esoteric microbrews and special-edition pours, Belgian-only Vol de Nuit remains one of the city’s coziest hops havens.

Inside its nearly secret West 4th Street entrance is a European-style courtyard, the gateway to the main attraction: a subdued barroom outfitted with worn wood furnishings and well-poured brews (in the appropriate glassware). The selection features gems to be had, it’s a solid, enjoyable lineup. Add some first-rate pub food – homemade Belgian Pommes Frites– and it’s clear that even in this beer-forward climate, Vol de Nuit’s simple pleasures still satisfy.

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